GHS Chemical Hazard Symbols

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GHS Workplace Hazard Pictograms

Alert workers of potential health and environmental risks using standard hazard symbols. These signs feature pictograms from the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). All 9 hazard symbols are available. View our collection of plastic hazard signs and decals, which allow you to post warnings on different surfaces.

The 9 Hazard Communication Standard pictograms feature the following warnings: Health Hazard, Flame, Exclamation Mark, Gas Cylinder, Corrosion, Exploding Bomb, Flame Over Circle, Environment, and Skull and Crossbones.

Easy to recognize signs quickly identify chemical dangers, such as toxic reactions, flammability and the potential for harmful skin exposure. These large visual warnings can be placed in factories, manufacturing plants and other industries with hazardous substances. Help decrease the risks of accidents, injuries and illnesses by designating possible dangers. Employers can make sure workers are aware of which chemical substances are present to ensure proper handling of all containers. See bulk discounts and order today.