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Order Danger Signs for your Business

We have lots of danger sign templates ready to ship. Make your building or work zone safer by helping people avoid hazards that can result in fatal injuries. These OSHA signs feature bold red and black, and are made of durable aluminum. Also shop plastic signs and decals. Your order ships next business day.

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Danger Signs for Workplace Safety

Help keep employees and customers safe with our selection of aluminum danger signs. Choose one of our ready-to-order templates or design your own danger sign. If your workplace has unique hazards or health risks, we can create a danger sign that reads exactly as you need it to. Our templates include stay clear, high voltage, do not touch, high noise area, fall hazard and more. We offer many very common danger messages that will help aid in keeping your work site or building safer. You can also design your own safety sign to include any message you need!

What Are Danger Signs?

According to the most recent requirements set by OSHA & ANSI, "DANGER" signifies a hazardous situation that will result in serious injury or death. Aluminum danger signs should be used only in extreme situations that are very likely to cause potentially deadly harm such as hazardous voltage. If your workplace or job site exposes employees or visitors to such dangers, be sure to order signs with red to denote danger. OSHA and ANSI symbols are nationally and internationally recognized, and offers both stock and customizable danger signs for your workplace. Read more information about the meaning of caution, warning and danger, and which sign you need.

Where To Post Danger Signs?

Danger signs should only be posted in areas where serious injury or death are VERY LIKELY to occur. Areas that have the potential to cause deadly harm include radiation, high voltage, hazardous fumes, dangerous machinery, etc. A safety manager should identify hazardous ares at the workplace to protect all workers and and keep the work site safe.

Are Danger Signs Severe?

Danger signs indicate the higher risks than any other safety signs. While warning signs indicate situations that MAY lead to serious injury, danger signs indicate situations that WILL LIKELY lead to serious injury.

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