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School Safety Signs & Children at Play Signs

Make sure drivers and pedestrians crossing through your children's play area or school zone know to watch for children at play. By posting warning signs to watch for children or to drive slow, you can help keep kids safe from accidents. Drivers are often speeding or not paying attention and a children at play sign could save lives. We have several pre-designed safety signs for school zones and playgrounds including children at play, drive like your kids live here, drive like your pets live here as well as caution signs. These signs are sure to be recognized immediately, featuring bold yellow or red to grab the attention of drivers. If you have noticed an area of concern near your child's school or play area, our signs can help reduce the risks associated with traffic and other dangers.

We have updated our inventory to include several school safety signs to remind visitors that they are not permitted to bring guns or weapons of any kind on school property. Also find other signage that is essential in today's schools featuring "no cell phones" signs, no pets, no loitering, no trespassing and no food or drink signs. If you don't see the sign template you need, you can design any type of aluminum, plastic or brass sign here at CustomSigns.com. See our custom aluminum signs for the design-your-own option and get started creating your school safety sign today.