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Break Room Signs

Break Room Signs

Remind staff to keep their lunch room clean with break room signs. A break room notice sign lets staff know what's expected as far as washing hands, keeping a safe distance from others and cleaning their area. Make sure your workplace provides a clean lunch break area and post signs to remind everyone of their responsibility to help keep the space sanitary. These signs feature reminders to clean out the fridge, keep the area clean, wash hands and recycle.

Recycling signs can help keep your break area organized and clean, while contributing to a greener workplace. These signs will remind staff to place cans, paper and glass in their appropriate containers and to contribute in a positive way to the environment. Browse our break room rules signs and energy conservation signs to get something appropriate for your office. Water conservation and other eco-friendly signs can also help lower overhead costs. Don't see what you need? If you have a unique reminder you would like to post next to break room sinks, appliances or other kitchen amenities, we can engrave a plastic sign to say just what you need it to say.

Don't see what you need here? Shop our engraved signs for more options!