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Sometimes employees need to be reminded of break room courtesy and rules. If you're having trouble keeping your cafeteria clean, post one of our break room rules signs and let staff know what's expected of them. These signs include all kinds of friendly reminders including to clean out the fridge, keep the area clean and to recycle. Many workplaces have trouble with lunch thieves, people who eat other team members' food items in the fridge. The office refrigerator can often need a good cleaning as well, so posting a fridge rules sign can help keep your ice box more sanitary. Make sure your workplace provides a clean and pleasant break area and post signs to remind everyone to clean up after themselves. Browse our break room rules signs and get something appropriate for your office. Don't see what you need? If you have a unique reminder you would like to post next to break room sinks, appliances or other kitchen amenities, we can engrave a plastic sign to say just what you need it to say.

At CustomSigns.com we offer break area signs including an array of recycling signs. These signs can help keep your break area organized and clean, while contributing to a greener workplace. These signs will remind staff to place cans, paper and glass in their appropriate containers and to contribute in a positive way to the environment.