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Door Signs: Engraved, Braille & More

FAQ About Our Office Signs

  • Q. Which office signs do I need?
    A. Your signage should help all persons navigate your building safely and comfortably, and this means your workplace should be ADA compliant. In order to help disabled and visually impaired people move about your building, you are required to have ADA braille signs to mark exits, restrooms, and navigation. Find more information in our ADA signs resource about where to hang ADA compliant office signs.
  • Q. Can I order a customized ADA compliant office sign?
    A. Yes! We customize tactile braille signs that meet ADA requirements.
  • Q. Can I print more than text only on my office sign?
    A. Yes, your office signs can include art, such as your business logo. Using our full color printing option, we can create any office sign you need to include the text and logo or art you need.
  • Q. What are engraved office signs made of?
    A. Our engraved signs are made of heavy duty plastic. We also offer engraved brass plates and signs.
  • Q. Do you have acrylic clear office signs?
    A. Yes, we offer several designs in clear acrylic signs. Acrylic signs are a stylish option for marking rooms and desks in your office building or other workplace.
  • Q. How can I attach my office signs to the wall?
    A. At you will find a few different mounting options for your office signs. These include screws, Velcro, adhesive tape (double stick tape), and magnetic tape. The mounting options for your sign will vary depending on which style of sign you select.
  • Q. Do you sell outdoor office signs?
    A. Yes, our engraved plastic signs can be used outdoors! Heavy duty engraved plastic is versatile and durable. Engraved plastic is a top seller for our signs.
  • Q. What kinds of office signs are there?
    A. Office signs are available in the following styles: name plates, door decals, slider signs for meeting rooms, clear acrylic office signs, exit and entrance signs with braille, room number and room name signs. Our office signs come in either engraved or printed.