Deter Unwelcome Guests with No Trespassing and Keep Out Signs

No Trespassing Sign Meaning

There are no trespassing laws that are unique to each state, some states being more rigorous than others. However, in most states, trespassing is defined as entering and remaining on a property in which the person does not have license or right to do so. In most states, trespassing is a misdemeanor, but in some states it is a felony. Fines and imprisonment often accompany a trespassing charge.

No Trespassing Signs

If you are looking to prevent trespassing on your property, posting the correct signage can help give you legal recourse and protect you from intruders. Depending on your state, these no trespassing signs should be posted in different areas of your property or fence. Typically, however, the signage should be posted where entry to the property is expected.

Most states require that the signage prominently display the words “no trespassing” and also show the name of the owner or occupant of the land. Be sure that you are aware of the nuances of your state’s no trespassing laws.

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