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Plastic Engraved 4" x 6" Horizontal Sign

Plastic Engraved 4" x 6" Horizontal Sign

Our Design Wizard allows you to create professional looking custom products with ease. Try it Now!:

  • Simple design process from start to finish
  • Make the design exactly how you want it
  • Review a full virtual proof to ensure it's perfect
  • Complete your purchase, sit back and wait for your product to arrive

About this item:

  • Size: 4"x6" plastic sign
  • Material: Industry-grade 1/16" (1.6mm) thick plastic
  • Design Process: Laser engraving
  • Color Options: Select from a wide variety of two-color options
  • Corners: Multiple corner rounding options
  • Mounting: Wide selection of sign mounting options
  • Ideal for: Labeling, room identification, wayfinding


Design SKU: scratch
Plastic Engraved 4" x 6" Horizontal Sign

Engraved plastic signs give a professional look and feel to any of your business or event signage. The two-toned plastic engraving ensures high visibility while maintaining a polished appearance, making it suitable for any office or workplace. Whether you?re getting signs for your new office or simply updating your safety signs, with the ability to create your own sign, the possibilities are endless!

Plus, our design wizard makes it easier than ever, allowing you to watch your customizations happen in real time.

  • Durable: These durable plastic signs are made from industry-grade materials and reliable laser engravings that are designed to last.
  • Weather Resistant: Each sign is crafted from high-quality weather-resistant material that is great for indoor and outdoor uses.
  • Customizable: Create your own unique product design engraved with custom text, logos, and symbols. Order as many as you need with no order minimum!
  • Laser Engraved: Our engraved plastic signs are laser engraved, carving away the top layer of plastic to reveal the letters in your chosen color.
  • Color Options: Select from a variety of material colors; our most popular color combinations are black with white letters, dark blue with white letters, and apple green with white letters.
  • Corner Options: Choose to give your sign a beveled edge or a variety of rounded corners.
  • Mounting Options: Select the sign?s hole placement or a variety of different mounting options.
  • Engraved Plastic Uses: Our laser-engraved plastic signs are our most popular signs and are used for a variety of business and event signage. Create wayfinding, room signs, labels, and much more!
Plastic Engraved 4" x 6" Horizontal Sign


  5 Review(s)

Customer Reviews:
Plastic Engraved 4" x 6" Horizontal Sign
Engraved Sign

Thank you for crafting such a nice sign! It came out fantastic and is of high quality!

Plastic Engraved 4" x 6" Horizontal Sign
Nice sign

The sign is great and very clear. I am very satisfied with my experience with your company. Thank you.

Plastic Engraved 4" x 6" Horizontal Sign
Nice product, great service

Sign was delivered as ordered. Excellent order turnaround/shipping.

Plastic Engraved 4" x 6" Horizontal Sign
The Go-To for engraved signs

Easy ordering, fast production, great quality

Plastic Engraved 4" x 6" Horizontal Sign
Good sign at a good price

A good quality sign, printed as designed. Engraved letters are nice and clear.

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Plastic Engraved 4" x 6" Horizontal Sign
   5   Review(s)