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No Soliciting Signs, Funny & Sarcastic

Our funny no soliciting signs will show that you're not interested in what door knockers have to say or sell, but will also prove that you have a sense of humor. At CustomSigns.com you can find the "no soliciting unless you're selling thin mints" sign and other decorative options. Our "door knockers please note" sign is sure to keep people from ringing your bell! Who wants to risk having to pay $50 for their sales pitch? You can customize your no soliciting sign just how you want it. See our other essential property signs including beware of dog signs and no trespassing signs.

Can you believe that in this day and age soliciting still exists? Door to door sales is one of the oldest and most annoying forms of marketing. If you often get solicitors in your neighborhood, post one of our sarcastic signs! There are several sayings to choose from that will keep unwanted visitors from knocking or ringing. Don't see a sign you like? We can create a plastic or brass sign with any phrase you want and we ship most orders next business day from CustomSigns.com!