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Custom Elevator & Stairway Signs with Braille

It is important to mark your building for every potential customer and staff member, especially for handicap and disabled patrons. Keep your office or store safe by signifying where your stairs and elevators are with ADA compliant signs with braille. Every visitor and employee should be made aware of where stairwells and elevators are, and to use caution during emergencies. We offer custom and stock elevator signs, including the common "in case of fire do not use elevator, use stairs," along with notice signs with "watch your step" messaging. You can customize stairs and directional elevator signs by choosing size, colors, square or rounded colors, along with official braille tactile lettering. Denote that your building is ADA compliant by posting braille elevator signs that can be interpreted and understood by everyone. This elevator signs should be hung about 4 feet above the ground, and should be reachable by someone seated in a wheelchair. Make safety and easy wayfinding a priority in your workplace or establishment by posting the proper stairs and elevator signage from CustomSigns.com.