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Receptionist 2" x 8" Desk Plate

If your welcoming committee or receptionist changes often, this simple Receptionist sign can will come in handy.

  • 2" x 8"
  • Desk Plate
  • Plate engraved plastic w/choice of many background colors
  • Desk Plate Holder is free standing
  • Aluminum Holder in Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold


Design SKU: Desk_Plate_Receptionist
Receptionist 2" x 8" Desk Plate

Make sure incomers to your office know who to report to for assistance with this receptionist plate. Choose the free standing desk plate or wall mounted plate with "Receptionist" engraved in your choice of background colors. This receptionist plate is made of plastic and the frame is constructed of aluminum in your choice of 4 colors. The desk version can be moved and used in different areas of your office space. In addition, the plate can be changed out for other plates with different messages.

Receptionist 2" x 8" Desk Plate