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Explore Printing processes


The finished product features a tactile surface allowing you to feel the design once completed. We engrave items like plastic signs, plaques, desk name plates and wall plates. This process allows us to engrave text, logos and more complex designs on materials such as plastic, wood, brass, stainless steel and aluminum. Order engraved signs in variety of sizes and styles. Color Guidelines: For wood and metal, no color is used. For plastic surfaces, we use two color combinations. Choose from over 30 color combinations!


When this full color process is completed the finished product is a smooth flat surface with a design transferred into the desired material. The process involves embedding the design into the desired surface. We use sublimation printing for plaques, desk name plates, safety signs, bank signs, vanity license plates, luggage tags, wall plates and more. The process allows us to leave precise, full color graphics exactly mirrored on items such as brass, fabric, gold or silver aluminum, and plastic.

UV Printing

Another full color process option for your custom sign is UV printing. This process creates a finished product with the ink bonded to the top of the material. Our UV technology allows for color flexibility, and the printed ink is fade resistant. We use UV printing for wall signs, door plates, desk name plates and other signs. Each of these custom signs can feature business logos and other images with full color options. This type of sign is frequently made using materials such as plastics, aluminum and vinyl.

Large Format Printing

This is a full color process printer we use to make larger signs and magnets. This type of printing is primarily used for banners that are printed on non-adhesive, reinforced vinyl. We use large format printing for stickers, car magnets and signs on adhesive vinyl. Adhesive vinyl can be mounted on Sintra PVC material and corrugated plastic. With this scale of printing, we are able to make hanging banners for parties, businesses and fundraisers. Printed car magnets take advertising on the go!

Specialty Printing

Need a very specific type of custom sign, plaque, wall plate, desk plate or other item? We work with our customers to find just what they need and make the design they envision a reality. We have the capacity for processes such sandblasting, sand carving, sand etching, dual process sublimation engraving, rotary engraving and more. We use materials ranging from fabric to plastic, tile, glass, brass and vinyl. We will customize processes and materials to make your one-of-a-kind order.