Custom Brass Signs

Brass Engraved Horizontal Signs

Horizontal Engraved Brass Signs

Engraved heavy duty brass signs are long-lasting and durable. Customize brass plates and signs for many purposes.

Brass Engraved Square Signs

Square Engraved Brass Signs

Our engraved square heavy duty brass signs will convey a professional message for your business. Customize brass plates and signs for many purposes.

Rectangle Engraved Brass Sign

Vertical Engraved Brass Signs

Our Brass Engraving Material is used for many purposes, from wall plates to durable signage.

Brass Engraving, Custom Brass Sign

Placing a brass sign with your business name in a highly visible location in your building gives a sense of prestige. We can create a quality brass plate or sign that indicates to visitors that you provide first-class service. Our brass plaques are also an excellent choice for making awards, displaying donor names, celebrating company milestones, honoring graduates and more. Plan a sign with your personalized design by choosing one of our horizontal, square or vertical sign shapes. Start customizing your elegant brass sign today.

Our engraved heavy duty brass will provide a durable solution for all your signage needs. From name plates to donation plates and room number signage, these brass signs can be used for many purposes and will make your business look professional and trustworthy. We can engrave anything you need into these brass plates, including names, numbers, logos and more. Brass engraving is done right here in our facilities and most orders ship next business day! Get all the official engraved brass plates and signs you need from