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Remind Staff to Clean & Sanitize

Break rooms and other common areas can become a haven for germs and bacteria. Remind employees to regularly clean and sanitize the break room, clean out the fridge and remove trash to avoid the potential spread of illnesses. High traffic areas and machinery should also be kept clean and free of debris. Shop signs to promote cleanliness in your workplace!

Keep This Area Clean Signs

Posting a direct "PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS" notice gives a helpful reminder to anyone visiting your business or property. Explore various designs such as the classic notice sign or design your own custom plastic sign with engraved lettering. Communicate a message that accurately reflects the tone of your business. Ensure a sense of order and cleanliness in all parts of your business with reminders to clean the fridge, clean up after pets and clean machine after use. Our inventory of pre-designed and design-your-own signs provides many strategies for effectively reminding everyone to respect the space they work in. Keep your workplace clean and safe with signs from

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Baby Change Sign
Bathroom Rules Sign
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