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Engraved Brass Signs

Custom Engraved Brass Plates and Signs

Personalize professional signage for your home or business. Brass plates are sleek and sturdy, providing a premium look customers can appreciate. Our line of quality brass plates and signs come in a wide assortment of sizes. Select the exact size and design style that best suits your needs. Showcase your custom brass sign on walls, doors, chairs, buildings, or just about anything you can imagine.

Brass Sign Custom Options:

Ensure your design is exactly how you envisioned it. We offer two different styles of lettering, natural and oxidized. Natural brass engraving means your design is etched into the brass and shows up as a slightly darker shade than the brass but is left untouched. Oxidized lettering involves our professional sign makers adding a special compound solution to your design after engraving. This solution enhances your text or image by making it darker, adding a rich contrast that stands out!

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