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Get the signage solutions you need for your bank or financial institution. We have several desk plates and signs available, including NCUA and FDIC signs. Your order ships next business day.

FDIC Signage & Bank Signs

Make sure your depository institution is in compliance with FDIC law by posting appropriate bank signs. Each station or desk where deposits are made should have an official FDIC sign to let depositors know they are insured up to $250,000. Let your bank customers know that your institution is a member FDIC by posting desk plates and signs with the FDIC logo. has engraved name plates with the FDIC logo along with a custom line for the teller or banker's name. Also see our sublimated FDIC wall sign. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation requires that each teller station feature an official FDIC sign, and offers quality engraving so that each individual can have a custom plate with their name. Our engraved FDIC desk plates and signs make sure your institution meets FDIC requirements while also personalizing interaction between depositors and tellers.

We also have a selection of bank safety signs that will remind customers to remove their hats and sunglasses before entering your institution. Keep your bank organized and flowing smoothly by posting "next teller" signs and other desk plates that will help customers know where to stand in order to receive assistance. Our bank safety signs include surveillance signs that let everyone know that your establishment is under 24 hour surveillance. Get all the signage you need for your banking institution or credit union here at

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