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Maximum Occupancy 6" x 6" ADA Sign

Ensure your building is compliant and helps maintain the safety of everyone inside with an eye-catching Maximum Occupancy ADA Sign from Prominently post our occupancy sign for everyone to see for their safety.


Design SKU: max_106
Maximum Occupancy 6" x 6" ADA Sign

Following your building's maximum occupancy code is important to prevent bottle-necking in the case of an emergency. Inform employees, customers, and visitors of your building's allowed occupancy with our customized Maximum Occupancy ADA Sign.'s vibrant occupancy sign is perfect for businesses to comply with local regulations and ensure the safety of everyone inside. Our ADA sign features tactile text and braille lettering to keep your business compliant and aid disabled person's during an emergency.

  • Maximum occupancy sign
  • Customized with number of allowed people
  • Sign measures 6" x 6"
  • Two-color combination with tactile text and braille lettering
  • Variety of two-color plastic combinations available
  • Variety of mounting options available for your convenience
Maximum Occupancy 6" x 6" ADA Sign