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No Smoking Signs

Keep smoking and vaping away from certain areas of your business by posting no smoking signs. We have several no smoking sign options and designs, including aluminum and plastic signs, and no smoking decals. 99% of orders ship next business day from

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No Smoking Signs has all the no smoking signs, stencils and decals you need to keep your business smoke-free. Made from heavy duty aluminum with brightly colored, fade resistant vinyl overlay, our aluminum no smoking signs are ideal for posting throughout your property. We also have heavy duty engraved plastic no smoking signs that can be used indoors and outdoors. Our reusable Mylar stencils are lightweight, durable, affordable, and made for repeated use. We also offer weather-resistant no smoking vinyl decals that are great for placing indoors or outdoors. Mark your property with the right no smoking sign, and ensure your business follows local laws and regulations against smoking. Most orders ship next business day!

Get the right no smoking sign for your business! Choose from:

  • No smoking desk plates
  • Engraved heavy duty plastic no smoking signs
  • No smoking aluminum signs
  • No smoking Mylar stencils
  • No smoking decals

For more information about smoking bans and regulations, please see our blogs posts:

Workplace Smoking Facts

  • Smoking in the workplace and other public areas is regulated by state and/or local laws. Smoking may be banned entirely or limited to designated smoking areas.
  • If an employer provides a smoking area for its employees, it also must provide a smoke free area in the rest of the work space. Smoking and nonsmoking areas must be clearly designated with proper signage.
  • Industries that handle explosive materials are legally required to post safety compliant signs alerting that smoking is strictly prohibited because doing so could result in fire, explosion, serious injury, or death.
  • All electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes/e-cigs, and vape pens are regulated as tobacco products. Therefore, vaping is banned wherever traditional smoking is prohibited.

Don't see what you need here? Shop our engraved signs for more options!

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